Land Wanted

Everything begins with land. The distinctiveness of each of our communities is created from the land on which it is built.

NVR, Inc. is the fourth largest national homebuilder by revenue and one of the oldest homebuilders in the country—founded in 1948, and publicly traded since 1993. Over 400,000 homeowners have benefited from our building and financial operations. NVR, Inc. incorporates three brands — Ryan Homes, NVHomes, and Heartland Homes in more than 36 metropolitan markets throughout 16 states and the District of Columbia.  For over 75 years, NVR, Inc. has successfully grown and maintained strong relationships with property owners, developers, and investors—helping to produce the highest financial returns in the homebuilding industry

Our financial strength, operational efficiency and marketing intelligence empower us to commit, perform and optimize value in any community.

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